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Natural Treatments for Arthritis and Joint Pain

Natural remedies do exist for treating arthritis pain and joint pain. The most effective natural treatments include glucosamine, boswellia, and devil’s claw. These reduce the inflammation and pain in the joints with no side effects. This is why many people prefer natural treatments for pain relief instead of the traditional anti-inflammatory drugs which may cause side effects. Testing has shown that these natural remedies offer the same effectiveness as common medicines.

Devil’s claw is an herb from the deserts in Africa. It has powerful anti-inflammatory components and is used in many countries to treat arthritic and joint pain in the body. This herb is effective in treating fibrositis, osteoarthritis, and rheumatic arthritis. Another study in 1981 revealed that devil’s claw reduces uric acid and serum cholesterol in the body. In addition, research shows that this herb stimulates lymphatic nodes to elevate the body’s ability to resist disease.

Boswellia is another natural remedy to reduce pain and inflammation without irritating the stomach. The source of boswellia is the gum of a tree in India. Boswellia is also effective in treating ulcerative colitis.

Glucosamine is naturally manufactured in the body. There is high concentration of glucosamine in the connective tissues and joints because it helps repair damaged cartilage and keeps the join mobile. It decreases pain and lowers inflammation while keeping the joints moving. Glucosamine is a popular arthritis and joint treatment all around the world. Research shows that it is equally and sometimes more effective than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) which are commonly prescribed.

Nature provides powerful alternatives to treat joint inflammation and arthritic pain. Glucosamine, boswellia, and devil’s claw are all remedies which pain sufferers should try. Some products are available for purchase which have a combination of these three natural ingredients. Research has consistently proven that all three of these remedies are effective.

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